"Reaching students with the love of Jesus, equipping them to serve Him for the rest of their lives."



RUF is a Christian fellowship on over 150 college campuses across the country.  Why do we exist?  Many religions and philosophies exist to point us onto a path to find God, enlightenment, or the good life. As Christians we believe the opposite.  God came to us—in Jesus Christ.  We gather together to study the Bible so that we might not only know about Him, but know Him personally.  We are here for the “convinced” and the “unconvinced,” the lost, the found, the burned, bored, cynical, and spiritual.  None of us has it all together, but we are deeply committed to the gospel of Jesus, believing it has the power to change any person, any community, any culture.   

In Jesus’ death and resurrection, the whole test-passing, brownie-point-earning rigmarole of the human race has been canceled for lack of interest on God’s part.
— Robert Farrar Capon

We are

A Christian Campus Ministry

Reformed University Fellowship is a Christian fellowship on over 150 college campuses across the country, from Harvard to Clemson to Stanford. 

A Campus Ministry that Believes...  

...in Growing in Grace.  Mere spiritual survival on campus (and beyond) should not be the goal of the Christian.  Men and women who believe the good news should be growing—but how? Continued growth in the gospel is essential and comes as a result of experiencing the grace of Christ’s work for us through studying the Bible, developing a prayer life, understanding worship, and participating in the sacraments.

...in Fellowship and Service.  According to the Bible, the Christian is a brother or sister to every other Christian, as well as a neighbor to every human being everywhere.  These realities must find expression in an open and honest community of Christian students, and also in real, tangible acts of love and service to the people we encounter.

...in a Biblical World and Life View.  Christianity is a way of seeing all of life.  Mondays though Saturdays are just as much a part of the Christian life as Sundays.  We want to see all of life through the lens of Scripture and to honor Christ in everything.  We seek to better understand our education, our relationships, our talents, and our futures by learning how the whole of God’s truth relates to every area of life.

...in Evangelism and Mission.  If we believe that we have the news that is good, we won’t horde it.  We will share it with others, near and far.  Our desire is to grow in our ability to thoughtfully and respectfully communicate the love and truth of Christ.  This involves more than our words, but certainly not less. 

Campus Ministry Connected to the Church

RUF is the campus ministry connected to Pacific Crossroads Church (pacificcrossroads.org).  However, we welcome students from all walks of life and backgrounds, both the “convinced” and “unconvinced”, and we support the UCLA student's connection to any local Christ-centered, Gospel-centered church.  RUF exists to reach and equip college students to love and serve Jesus Christ, His Church, and the world.